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17 agosto, 2018
Brochure 2018 Tercera Ronda de Monitoreo Alianza Global
15 agosto, 2018

Guía Tercera Ronda de Monitoreo Alianza Global. Versión Estratégica (Inglés)

The objective of this document is to help participating governments lead their country’s participation in the 2018 monitoring round of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (hereafter “the Global Partnership”).

This document provides guidance on the monitoring exercise, and outlines how countries and their partners can use the results. The monitoring exercise, led by participating governments, is assisted by the OECD-UNDP Joint Support Team of the Global Partnership.

The first deadline for countries to submit data is 31 October 2018. This will allow countries to use the findings to inform the Sustainable Development Goals and Financing for Development follow-up and review processes, as well as the Global Partnership Senior-Level Meeting, scheduled to take place in July 2019 in concurrence with the United Nations High Level Political Forum. All countries are invited to participate in monitoring efforts. A list of countries that have expressed their interest in participating in the monitoring exercise is available at Countries interested in participating and not yet included in the country list are invited to contact the OECDUNDP Joint Support Team at

This document and other supporting documents and tools will be available at: